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Honesty in dating profiles

You've made a decision to try online dating. It was a tough process. Now you are at the point where you are asked to fill in a profile. This profile is all about YOU; from the trite to the profoundly personal. Most dating sites have such lengthy profiles that you need to take a leave of absence from your job or school, just to complete it. Well, you are not about to be intimidated. You are going to answer every question (even the stupid ones), submit a picture, take a deep breath and hope for the best.

So you're reading along and it asks for your weight and body type. Seems redundant since you will be uploading a photo but you made the commitment. You type 175 lbs. and almost type 'sexy' for body type. Then you type "mesomorph" when you know that you are actually an endomorph. But hey, it sounds good and most people don't know the difference anyway. And you really weigh 200 lbs but what's 25 lbs in the grand scheme of life?

It asks you what music you like? You write that you enjoy all genres and are partial to punk. The punk part is true but you would rather hike naked in the middle of January than listen to country. When the profile queries you as to your ideal first date you get excited at the thought of any punk show with a sweaty, crazy mosh pit. But you find yourself clicking dinner and a movie. Puzzled by this, you figure it must be some prehistoric, coded social convention. So you shrug and move on. Then it asks you about your drinking and drug habits. How dare they?! You click "social drinker", even though you can easily pound down two cases of beer in a weekend.


Now it comes time to write what you are looking for in a partner. You start typing excitedly: hot, sexy, rich, not smarter than me. But then you remember what your buddy told you about not saying that so you resentfully delete these words. You replace them with: honest, compassionate (you visited for that one), easy going and loves to have fun. Two out of four isn't bad.

For hobbies and interests you put; reading (billboards count), video games and occasionally playing the guitar. When in reality, you are a highly skilled and talented guitarist. And when it asks about your work, you click "I'd rather not say". This sounds intriguing whereas "factory worker" just sounds too boring. And for the section on "what type of relationship are you looking for?", you truly don't know. No clue. So you click, long-term relationship, not realizing that you are about to become bait for barnacles.

And finally the last question is "Why did you choose our site?" You respond with..."You kept appearing on my facebook page and brainwashed me." Seriously.

So you click "submit" and over the next several weeks you have many, many responses and many dates. And they all crash and burn. You discover that nobody is who they said they were. Feeling a bit dejected and disappointed, you head off to First Ave for a punk show. This really cool woman starts chatting with you. Before you know it, you are having your own personal mosh pit for two. And as the weeks and months go by, the two of you form a loving, long-term relationship. It's beautiful and you didn't even have to lie.

Honesty gets honesty. Happy Dating!

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