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Honesty and friendship

How important is honesty in a friendship? For most, honesty is a very important factor in any relationship; unfortunately, the hard fact is there are times when it is easier to lie than to be honest. If a friend has made a decision or choice to do something that you don't agree with, that you maybe even feel could be harmful, do you speak up, telling them your real feelings, or pacify them because they might not want to hear what you really think?

Choosing to be honest is not always easy, but it is a defining element in how people perceive us. If people see someone that walks on the fence in between honesty and dishonesty, then eventually the perception would be that person is untrustworthy, and in a friendship that can lead to a very negative relationship.

Honesty produces trust, and trust produces confidence. It is very important that the individuals in our lives see a person they can trust, count on and have the utmost confidence in. This should be the basis of any true friendship.

Being a true friend does not always mean appeasing or pacifying an individual just to make them happy. A true friend is, however, an individual who will care enough to tell you the truth under any circumstance, and at the same time stand by your side, even when you make a mistake.


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