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Honda recalls Japan built 2013 Fit for possible faulty drive shaft

Honda anounced Friday that it would recall the popular Fit for a possibly faulty right side driveshaft.
Honda anounced Friday that it would recall the popular Fit for a possibly faulty right side driveshaft.
America Honda Motors

As announced Friday by American Honda Motors, despite a reputation for economically priced quality and reliability Honda is recalling a few 2013 Fits.

Following last weeks article praising Honda for producing an entry level car of exceptional quality, utility and value, Honda opted to recall 1038 Japan built and imported North American Fit hatchbacks. According to Honda,this recall action like most, is a failsafe method of insuring public safety.

Honda’s 2015 roadside service policy won’t help these owners. None the less, Honda believes it’s better to be safe than sorry. Honda’s not telling us what variant of the 2013 Fit is involved in the recall. Consumers can enter their car’s Vin # here and check the recall status of the Fit.

In a Friday press release Honda tells us that they discovered a possible material weakness in the car’s right side driveshaft. This information was gleaned from dealership warranty claims reports.

To date, there is no report of related accident resulting from driveshaft failure. However, Honda’s not taking any chances. The implications are that if the driveshaft fails at any speed, the car can’t be safely self-driven off of the roadway.

While the numbers of this recall are miniscule for a car model that has sold 4 million + worldwide since its inception in 2007, due diligence and accident prevention compels Honda to recall the quality built Fit.

Ironically, records show that the company with the highest award winning safety record in North America, records one of the industry's highest rates of recall.

Torque News-Honda and others have reported on several Odyssey minivan recalls in as many months; possible airbag control relay failure, brake and fuel pump plastic gas strainer, to name a few. None of these voluntary recalls were compelled or implemented due to accident or personal injury.

The same holds true for Honda’s 2014 Civic tire recall. Fearing a “possible” side wall failure due to the over-compression of the tire’s sidewall bead, Honda recalled fewer than 2,000 effected Civics. An amazingly small number considering that Civic is the best selling compact car in North America.

No one in the manufacturing sector is immune to part failure and subsequent recall. Honda is second to none in remedying the possible parts defect at no cost to the consumer.

While voluntary recall notifications can be a bit annoying to the consumer and auto dealership affected by the subsequent recall, Honda’s philosophy of customer safety and satisfaction first, as shared with us by its founder, has driven the maker to the # 1 sales spot in North America.

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