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Honda latest safety campaign:Texting while driving can kill you

While Honda wasn’t as direct to the point as we are, the bottom line is that no fewer than 1.6 million accidents per year are caused by texting, while driving.

1.6 million auto accidents per year attributed to cellphone use while driving.
Wikipedia commons.

Tuesday found American Honda Motors launching its latest safety campaign in recognition of “Distracted Drivers Awareness Month.” The message from Honda is a clear one, don’t text while driving. Apparently that’s a growing problem in North America as the most plugged-in generation in history reaches driving age.

Torque News-Honda tells us that texting while driving remains a big problem in North America, despite major ticketing and subsequent fines.

It’s not just the kids. Admittedly, we’ve caught ourselves more than once checking a smartphone screen for the latest message while waiting at a long traffic light. But texting while driving? Honda absolutely has a great commitment to safety, as well as a responsibility to young Civic, Fit and Accord owners.

The message is clear, put the phone down while driving. While most state and local law enforcement will ticket you for ignoring the law, millions have chosen to ignore the rules of the road when it comes to text messages.

After-all, Honda leads the pack for tech-rich driven technology, as demonstrated by the 2014 Accord’s touch screen Google interface. However, many Honda’s are equipped with “hands-off” communications capability. Honda want’s you to use it.

For the rest of us-let’s put that phone down while driving, your text message will wait. If you own a smart-phone, activate voice text, or, simply pull off to the side of the road when the urge to text over-takes your otherwise sensible-sensibilities.

looking to the numbers: The National Safety Council reports that no fewer than 23% of all accidents reported today are caused by drivers talking on cell phones. And at least 100,000 additional accidents, many fatal, can be directly attributed to texting.

We’re talking about 1.6 million auto accidents per year attributed to cell phone activity. That’s a big number, and the accidents in this case are totally avoidable.

Honda wants you to be safe, please put down the cellphone while driving. All or part of this article first appeared in Torque News- Honda.

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