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Honda Element dies. Does it make a sound?

Honda Element
Honda Element
Source: Honda

Honda announced today its intention to make 2011 the last model year for its boxy Element crossover.

While beloved by its owners, the sales for the Element have trailed off rapidly over the years. During its finest hour in 2003, a whopping 67,478 of the "Hummer escape pods" were sold to customers. In 2009, the sales tally was down to 14,884 sold and in 2010, when most of the market is up, the Element is down 4 percent through November.

To be sure, there have been only modest improvements to the Element over the years and that undoubtedly contributed to a declining sales rate. In addition, many boxy competitors have arrived on the market such as the Scion xB, Kia Soul and Nissan Cube, although none have been quite as large or utilitarian as the "hose it out" Element.

The Element was derived from the CR-V which itself is related to the Honda Civic. When the all-new Civic was delayed, there was some concern that the CR-V may also suffer an elongated model cycle. However, Honda will not be delaying the 2012 CR-V and it should arrive sometime next summer.

With the exit of the Element, could the long requested Honda Stream finally make its way to the United States?

Be sure to check out the farewell slideshow and James May of Top Gear video review of the Honda Element.

Source: Honda