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Homosexuality - A karmic choice

Homosexuality is currently one of the most misunderstood topics in the consciousness of man.  For example, recently the second-highest authority within the Vatican, Cardinal Tarciscio Bertone linked homosexuality and pedophilia.  Credible research shows that same sex attraction is separate and distinct from predatory child abuse.


Given the mass misunderstanding, how does one come to an intelligent understanding of homosexuality?  In the vast majority of cases, homosexuals realize that they are “different” during the elementary and middle school years.  Yes, some do have latent urges and express themselves in same sex relationships later in life, however, this focus is on the “typical” case.


To explore this topic further, it can be useful to use mystical and metaphysical spiritual principles to gain further insight.  Specifically, reincarnation is a foundational concept that it critical for in depth understanding.  Reincarnation is the recognition that everyone’s soul or spirit is eternal and that it incarnates successively. In the Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical teachings, reincarnation is known as “gilgul.” According to Rabbi Michael Ezra Ozair of Los Angeles, CA, “Gilgul occurs when the preceding incarnation of that soul has more to accomplish. Ultimately, a soul can never fail. To succeed, the soul will come back as many times as necessary to fulfill its spiritual mission. This is the view of the Kabbalists, who call the process of the soul’s returning for the purpose of rectification tikkun, or repair.”  Given that the soul is eternal, it stands to reason that each soul has a purpose and must learn lessons to achieve that purpose.


Further, in the soul’s progression toward its purpose, it is said that it is done with a “soul group.”  Undoubtedly, this is where the term soul mate came from.  A soul group is typically one’s family and close friends.  Clearly, family ties span lifetimes, where the goal of the family is to move toward its collective purpose.  To that end, there is a Native American belief that in each incarnation, everyone chooses their parents, who provide their children with countless lessons. 


Having established that parents are chosen from the soul group to provide lessons to move the soul forward, one rightfully deduces that the soul would also choose its sex, ethnicity and orientation.  There would be no logical reason to stop with choosing parents when the ultimate goal is to fulfill a spiritual mission.  Gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical appearance, metal capacity and emotional temperament are all critically important factors to learning the lessons necessary for spiritual evolution.


With the aforementioned information as a framework, one can now approach the issue of homosexuality dispassionately and clear minded.  First and foremost, it is not wrong to be same gender loving.  It is merely a choice for the purpose of moving one’s soul up the evolutionary spiral.  So, the choice to incarnate as a same gender loving person is done for spiritual purposes.  Further, one can rightly assume that its basis is not physical in nature because some lesbians enjoy penetration.  Similarly, anal and vaginal sex can be made to feel nearly the same.  Same gender loving has no physical basis.


Prior to incarnating, same gender loving people choose this lifestyle based on past life emotional challenges.  This choice is no different than incarnating male, female, black, white, brown or yellow.  In each case, there are certain lessons to learn, which are predicated on the experiences from the previous life.  For example, from the standpoint of karma, it makes perfect sense to incarnate as a black person if in the previous life the soul had the experience of being a slave owner.  Similarly, one must meditate on why their soul would incarnate as same gender loving to receive the information on what is to be worked through for spiritual evolution.  Again, everyone is working through lessons for their own spiritual evolution.  In closing, a wise man once said, “If a person makes love for an hour a day, every day of their life, their sexuality expression is about 4% of their entire existence.  To perceive or judge a person based 4% of their life is not to see them at all.”


  • A.L. 5 years ago

    SANS SERIF for web !!!!!

  • Profile picture of ethan_hines
    ethan_hines 1 year ago

    Had I not been born gay, I would never have been as open minded as I am now! I would have never left my religion and discovered Buddhism which in m opinion has filled in a lot of blanks that either Religion can't answer or refuses to answer. Even though I went through hell and back in my teens, I am grateful and I am hopeful for a world without prejudice.

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