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Homophobia cancels Mississippi prom


  • Major 6 years ago

    Support the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition. They are doing great work in Mississippi to promote eqaulity for all students. They rock.. "mssafeschools dot org"

  • KnockoutHomoPhobia 6 years ago

    We fight for Equality Acceptance and Love! What do you fight for? Become a fan of on Facebook and show your support for Constance McMillen and others like her....

    copy and past this url

    Spead the word...

  • Mississippiguy 6 years ago

    Local news site running a poll on whther or not same sex couplkes should be allowed to go to the prom. Go cast your vote. http: // www. wtva. com /default .aspx

  • Jacob 6 years ago

    Nothing prevents this girl from attending the prom except for the fact that she wants to cross-dress. She is a girl and should dress like one no matter her orientation. It is common for girls to attend dances and just hang out with other girls. This case isn't about homophotbia but about cross-dressing. I don't see anywhere in the Constitution that protects cross-dressing as a right. She can do it in private but shouldn't demand that it be accepted.

  • Chil Connor 6 years ago

    Don't cancel the prom. Expel the sicko Constance McMillen, and let the normal kids enjoy a proper school dance.

  • Arquie 6 years ago

    Wow I can't believe all the bigots that post here.

    Jacob, the last time I checked there was no rule about women dressing in what used to be considered male attire. I guess you believe that women should all wear dresses, stay barefoot and pregnant, and in the kitchen. You are the kind of person this world could do without.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Jacob, you are an idiot.

    The Constitution protects freedom of expression, doesn't it? And what are clothes but a way to express yourself?

    Nobody gets hurt by women dressing the way they want to, or men doing the same. If a woman wants to wear a suit, there is nothing in the law that says she can't do so, and the same if a man wants to wear a dress.

    If you get offended because you want to cling to pointless and archaic gender stereotypes, that's your problem, not theirs, so get over it.

  • Bob 6 years ago

    I agree with Jacob. There's nothing wrong with two girls attending a prom,
    but there is a dress code that needs to be adhered to. The fact that one girl wants to wear a tux shows that homosexuals are confused.

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