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Homework tips help students

Make homework less stressful
Make homework less stressful
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Parents often think that their child is not learning things while they are at school. Some parents gauge what is going on in school by what homework comes home. There may be nothing more frustrating to hear from a child that there is no homework. No homework can break that communication from school to home. There are some tips that parents and students bridge that gap and make the homework time a better experience.

1. Know what the teacher or teachers do in terms of homework. Do they give any and if they do how often? If they are likely to give homework but the child comes home and says they do not have any why not? Ask. See if anything changed for the day.

2. Ask where homework is getting done. If they are doing it on the bus or in study hall that may be appropriate for some children and for others it may not. Ask the student to see the grade they got on the homework. If it is low is it because they are doing it quickly or in an appropriate place? Have the conversation with your child and let them know what your expectations of them are as well.

3. Students keep it together all day long in school. When they enter the door when they come home they become your child complete with meltdowns. For some children homework is a struggle. Make homework space a welcoming clutter-free space and make sure it contains all the materials they will need.

4. Look at what a child has for homework. If it is a big project due in a week or in a length of time help your child break it down in chunks. Most schools have agenda books. Work with them to develop a plan on a large project.

5. Don’t do the homework for them. Let them do their own work. If they are too frustrated have a discussion with the teacher to determine purpose, making sure it fits within their IEP goals, and to see if it needs to be changed.

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