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Homework Success

During the school year, our school aged children are in a classroom setting whether public school, private school or sometimes homeschooling. All they want at the end of the day is sweet freedom from the chains of more reading, math or anything remotely educational. When they hear the word “homework”, most of these children look up at the sky and want to scream “enough”. If they don't they may be screaming on the inside. As a parent of a child who has shown me his best theatrical work around the subject of homework, I would like to offer suggestions that might help homework time.
First, have an open discussion with your child's teacher(s). How much of this is needed should be your stance. Children do need a break after a long day to just unwind and be themselves. Getting just what they need done should be your goal.
Secondly, turn off all phones, computers, and etc. so this time is carved out just for their homework needs. This sends a clear message of your commitment to them and their needs. Let all friends and family members know about this arrangement so no unannounced visits occur.
Thirdly, offer a good snack and drink that gets the homework time started. It could be cheese and crackers or something that won't spoil the dinner time. Our sons always came home famished, so offering them a protein rich snack helped them settle down and really get on task.
Lastly, try to supervise from a far. I just started dinner preparations but was there in the room for questions. I have also sat down at the table with a magazine or a pad of paper to write my grocery lists or just worked on my writing sitting there. I have always loved music, so I turn it on for us both. Nothing too loud, but background noise.
Making needed homework time calm and enjoyable helps children recharge from their day and allows educational time at home become part of the family schedule.

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