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Homework Help for All Ages

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The school year is well under way and for many parents and kids the honeymoon period that often accompanies a new year is starting to wane – thanks in large part to the reality of homework, tests and projects.

Need some help tackling those reports and research assignments? Thanks to the Internet, tracking down facts and getting a little homework help just got a lot easier. Here are some sites worth exploring:

                        High School  

This site provides links to scholarly works without Google’s usual ads. No need to worry about inappropriate content, but younger kids may have a hard time as the material can be challenging to understand.
This site’s “Homework Helpers” section offers clear explanations about tough concepts for the high school chemistry student. Its interactive components help to make tough concepts simple to understand.
Grades 3 and up
This free reference site is designed for use by parents, teachers and students. Filled with facts on thousands of subjects, the site even features a “Homework Center” where you can get help according to subject.
All Ages
This reference site for grades K-12 is indexed according to school and subject.