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HomeSitter Cellular sure to be a hot product at CES

The HomeSitter will help you control your house
The HomeSitter will help you control your house
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

If you've stepped outside lately, you know it's cold.

It may be bad news for most of the country that is layering-up when heading outdoors these days,but it's good timing for Emerson Control Products who is introducing their new HomeSitter Cellular Monitoring System at CES 2014.

The HomeSitter Cellular Monitoring System will text, email, and/or call you with notifications regarding temperature, humidity, power status, or presence of water throughout their home or business.

So if you wanted to know when to bring your pets in because of cold weather, the HomeSitter would let you know.

This is an affordable home monitoring system with no long term contract, high activation fees or setup process that requires a team of nerds. Those getting in on the HomeSitter Cellular Monitoring System get three months of access to monitor and will receive alert notifications. These notifications will come via a computer, tablet or smart phone web application.

The HomeSitter's wireless sensor pucks are called "SPucks" because of their round, 2" diameter design.

Sixteen SPucks can be monitored at any one time.

SPucks have an amazing battery that will last up to five years.

It's easy to set up and get going with the HomeSitter. Register online and get your account set up.

It will connect to the wireless cell network and through the cloud to start getting you information.

A backup lithium, rechargeable battery keeps the HomeSitter working if power is out/ It will even notify you of that, and then again when power is restored.

This is household monitoring right on your smartphone.

The HomeSitter Cellular Monitoring System will be available this spring. Check for updates at and tab over Cellular Phone Based Monitoring Systems.

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