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Homeschooling Ideas: International Literacy Day


AP Photo/ Sony Digital Reading

First celebrated in 1966, International Literacy Day is set aside by the UN to raise awareness of literacy issues around the world. It provides an opportunity for homeschoolers to talk about the importance of reading in our daily lives, as well as celebrate the gift of reading in your own life.

Start the day by discussing how life would be different if we couldn't read. Have your child brainstorm places that we need reading. Examples could be street signs, food packaging, directions, dosages on medicine bottles, newspapers, advertisements, mail and bills etc.

Spend some time today reading together as a family. Even older kids can enjoy a group reading experience. Perhaps head to the library and pick up a book of plays, or download some from the internet to print. Everyone choose a part and read together. Try the Virtual Library for Theater and Drama for lots of choices or Shakespeare's Plays for all of his famous works.

Kids in grades K-8 can register for Sylvan's Book Adventure where they can take quizzes about books they've read and even earn points and prizes!

Writing is also an important part of the reading experience. Try the E-pals around the world activity from Read Write Think, the education resource from the International Reading Association.

You could also tune in to President Obama's speech to school children. The speech will be broadcast on C-Span at noon today. It will also be streamed online at the Whitehouse Live site.

Whatever you choose, remember that reading is a gift we pass on to our children and should be celebrated every day!