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Homeschooling family's game makes learning about edible and medicinal plants fun

Learning to identify edible plants and herbs is an important skill
Learning to identify edible plants and herbs is an important skill
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Wildcraft: An Herbal Adventure Game, is the result of the Gallagher family's desire to help kids of all ages learn more about edible and medicinal plants. While not to be considered as a substitute for a formal course, the game introduces players to 25 helpful herbs as they go around the board trying to find some huckleberries to pick for a pie Grandma wants to make. The herbs help out with the various obstacles (such as sore muscles) that the players face in their search for the berries. There are no words on the board, so even very young children can enjoy it, and the game also comes with a downloadable story. Cooperation and sharing the knowledge each player has learned is also an important part of Wildcraft. The Gallaghers also send a number of educational freebies along with any game ordered.

John Gallagher is a Community Centered Herbalist and licensed acupuncturist. His wife Kimberly has been using herbal remedies for years and studied at RavenCroft Garden in Washington. They homeschool their two children. The game is just one of the products of their small family business. The game comes with a 200 % guarantee. You can keep the game if you are dissatisfied and still receive a refund of the purchase price.

The game is manufactured in the United States out of completely recyclable material. The family donates a small portion of the profit from each game to the United Plant Savers organization, a group dedicated to protecting native medicinal plants. There is also a brief video explaining the story of Wildcraft posted on the site.

Watch video here.