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Homeschoolers shine at ACSI events

Jane Wiita, Math Olympics Coordinator for Guilford Academy and the Olympians.
Jane Wiita, Math Olympics Coordinator for Guilford Academy and the Olympians.
Regenia Spoerndle

Local homeschoolers recently competed against private Christian school peers in academic competitions sponsored by ACSI, or the Association of Christian Schools  International. The kids resourceful parents  combined resources last fall by forming a "school" and purchasing a membership in ACSI for the school. There are many membership benefits for Christian schools joining ACSI, but the homeschool families were most interested in the opportunity to participate in academic competitions against other Christian Schools.

"These are wonderful, well-run events that give our students a sense of accomplishment and competition", explained Jane Wiita, Valley View Church Homeschool Support group leader and homeschool mom to four.

The homeschool families, registered with ACSI as Guilford Academy, provided 14 students to compete  at the Regional Speech Meet  March 13th. The meet held at Northside Christian Academy, Wadsworth, hosted over 200 students from 8 different private schools including Open Door Christian School, Elyria, Wooster Christian School, Wooster, and Medina Christian Academy, Medina. The Guilford Academy students ranging in age from 1st-6th grade received Superior and Excellent ratings across the board.

"I recited "To Meet Mr. Lincoln" because President Lincoln is my favorite president.", said Sierra Spoerndle, 2nd grader, and winner of a Superior ribbon. " I liked listening to all the kids poems and Bible verses. I felt really proud of myself when I was done", she added.

March 16th, 11 Guilford Academy students participated in the ACSI Regional Math Olympics. Wiita, Math Olympics coordinator for the homeschool families held the event at the Wadsworth public library meeting room. Students in grades 3-7 took four timed math tests designed for the various grades in the areas of mathematical reasoning or computation.

"This is my 4th year participating in Math Olympics", said Micah Spoerndle, 7th grade student. "I think its nice we can do this because it kind of helps you know how you are doing in math besides using your usual math book and working out your problems every day. It's fun learning how you compare to kids in other schools", she added. 

The students will discover how they measured up to their private school peers in several weeks after the tests are graded and scored at a regional level.

One more opportunity awaits the kids wishing to showcase artistic accomplishment. The families of Guilford Academy plan to enter the ACSI Regional Art Festival in May. This artistic competition provides students in grades 3-12 an opportunity to enter artwork from a variety of media. All students entered receive awards and recognition based on their evaluation scores.


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