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Homeschoolers score higher than 88 percent in core subjects

Homeschoolers are happy and connected with their communities
Homeschoolers are happy and connected with their communities
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Despite many political and environmental obstacles, homeschooling has continued to grow and flourish in the United States and across the world.

Homeschoolers score higher than 88% of the population in the core studies of Reading, Language, and Math. When factoring in Science and Social Studies, they score in the 86th percentile.

In addition to academic success, studies show that homeschoolers are happy and well connected in their communities. This debunks the famous argument that "homeschoolers are not properly socialized."

These latest statistics about homeschooling successes come from the Homeschool Report: Academic Achievement and Demographics, which included 11,739 homeschooled students from all 50 states.

This study also found that gender, parents’ education level, and family income had little bearing on the results of homeschooled students.

Homeschoolers have gained major respect
“Homeschoolers have slowly but surely won acceptance as a mainstream education alternative over the past few decades,” according to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA).

“This is despite much resistance from outside the homeschool movement, whether from teachers unions, politicians, school administrators, judges, social service workers, or even family members.

Homeschooling has been growing steadily at about 7% per year, and approximately 3% of the school-age population in the United States is now homeschooled, according to the Department of Education.

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