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Homeschoolers help bring election of Abraham Lincoln to life in 2 act play

Cast of "...His Truth is Marching On"
Cast of "...His Truth is Marching On"
C. Oldenburg

Homeschoolers were well represented in the cast of more than twenty for “…His Truth is Marching On.” This original theatre play was written by Bryce Stenzel of Minnesota and captures the events leading up to the election of Abraham Lincoln.

The cast began rehearsing for the play in February and over the weekend performed twice for the general public, but also gave a private performance to family and friends. Each performance lasted about 1.75 hours, with a five-minute intermission.

Although the cast is comprised of many homeschooled students from southern Minnesota, Mr. Stenzel did not specifically seek out such a population. Many of the cast members worked with Stenzel last year on a play depicting the early life of Lincoln. Their working relationships have formed over shared interests in history.

Many of the cast members would be the first to admit that they learned more than they bargained for as a cast member for the play. One cast member, Connor, spoke of the historical facts about the earlier plots against Lincoln’s life and the importance of secret security agents, including one female, in foiling these plans.

Stenzel is a well-known historical re-enactor from the area and has written many historical works. At Sunday’s performance he announced that this play will soon be published for the public, and the inaugural cast, many proud homeschoolers, will be listed in the publication for their first portrayal of these words.

Community members who still wish to learn about this time period and be entertained by this play can catch parts of it at the Faribault County fair this summer and the play in entirety during a special performance at The Landing on June 19, 2010.


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