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Homeschoolers find savings through online coupon vendor Groupon

Homeschoolers have a new and unique way to save money and find discounts in Minnesota. Groupon, launched in 2008, is an online coupon vendor which relies on the power of collective buying. The saving opportunities are tailored to regions, and the offers from the Minnesota Groupons are centered in Minneapolis, but are still relevant throughout the state for certain coupons.

Each day a new offer is made on the Groupon site, and these offers can be sent directly to your email. Businesses work with Groupon to provide these coupons. Each day when the new offer is made, people have the option to request that Groupon, or coupon. The coupon is actually purchased through the Groupon site for a specified, discounted price. The user is only billed for that coupon when enough people have agreed to purchase the coupons.

The coupons, ranging from restaurant discounts, to tanning salon deals, to popular stores, are as unique as they come. Users are not inundated with offers, either. One offer per day means that all of the daily focus is on one special purchase. Groupon boasts savings of 50%-90% off of regular purchase prices.

My first experience with Groupon came late one evening when a homeschooling friend emailed to tell me about the deal she just found - a one-year family membership to the Minnesota Historical Society at more than ½ the normal price. As a homeschool family that is one deal that we just had to have. This membership allows us access to varieties of historical venues throughout the state.

One of the best features is that users can also purchase Groupons as gifts when specified. I claimed and purchased two memberships, one for us and one for friends.

After the purchase has been confirmed, users are given a link print their coupons. When purchasing multiple coupons as gifts, each coupon has a unique number which identifies it to the business. The next step is to take the Groupon to the business or follow other included instructions and redeem it. Keep an eye out for expiration dates to ensure your savings.

Homeschoolers are notorious for being spend thrifty. We have to be. We are committed to raising and educating our children at home, and many times this means choosing to have only one income. Savings like those at Groupon can benefit our homeschool experiences without breaking the bank.


  • Vetnita 5 years ago

    Thanks for the great info. With these tight times, a substantial discount is always welcome.

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