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Homeschooled children do socialize

I cringe a little when I tell someone I homeschool because I know they will say something about her being smothered, not getting enough socialization and they question my parenting decisions. Although I think it’s the choice of the parent and neither are wrong when they question my decision I let them know I want to spend every second of the day with my daughter and I want to be the everyday example for my kids. I don't want that one person to come along and be a bad example for my children when they are at their most vulnerable. I want to prepare her to be strong and fight against the evil in the world, help her grow every day and honestly I love teaching her.

Socialization, almost every homeschooled child is a part of a co-op, a co-op is a program where a group of homeschool moms or dads get together, sometimes on a daily and some on a weekly basis and each teach a subject. Most meetings are at a local church or community center. A lot of homeschooled children also attend extracurricular sports and groups like cheer, gymnastics or music lessons. There is also church and awanas. Believe me they get plenty of socialization. I am also no fan of common core either but please when you are speaking to someone and they inform you they homeschool don’t question their children’s socialization. I feel that it’s the choice of the parents to decide how to educate their children. Some children are better in public or private school and some are better off homeschooling. Each of us have the interest of our children in mind when making the decision of homeschooling or sending your children to school. I hope you have a better understanding of homeschooling and that we can all agree that as long as our children are receiving an education that we should all be supportive of one another.

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