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Homeschool support group in Mankato area thrives

The Mankato Area Home Educators (MAHE) group is celebrating their 7th year in existence. This local homeschool support group began with just 6 families, and has now grown to more than 130 families.

Homeschool families searching for activities, tours, curriculum share-n-tells, gym times, and more can find these through MAHE. Members are connected by a Yahoo! group which allows homeschool families to post questions, ideas, and event reminders.

There is no fee to join this group. The only stipulation is that families who participate in one or more activities throughout the year, such as a tour of a local business, help to plan at least one activity. This means the workload is shared and also ensures that a large variety of options will be available for homeschool families.

Some of the highlights of this year have been gym times, participation in History Fest, and evenings spent at the planetarium at East High School. A tour is also planned for Drummers Garden Center and reservations for a Children’s Theatre production have been made.

Parents have the luxury of choosing to plan events that interest their own children. In return for their efforts, these homeschool families not only get to share something they have might have a passion for, but also know that they can participate in other activities throughout the year. It is a real community effort, but one that makes these events possible.

From a first meeting of this homeschool support group born of an ad in the local Home Magazine to almost one hundred homeschoolers gathering for a fun day in the park, the Mankato Area Home Educators are proof that homeschoolers who work together, learn together.


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