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Homeschool/Hybrid Schooling Information Meeting

Now that school has started, you might have questions about homeschooling or hybrid schooling. You might have a child in school that just isn't flourishing, or you might have chosen to homeschool and feel lost and overwhelmed.

Lucky for you, there are others who have been through it before and even though every child is an unique individual, there are some basic things that are the same for everyone. I remember all too well the overwhelmed feeling when I started my homeschool journey.

This is why I am hosting another homeschooling/hybrid schooling information meeting at Learn Beyond The Book this Friday, Feb.7, 2014 at 5-6:30pm.

Feel free to let all your friends know and come ask your questions. If you would like to submit some questions ahead of time for me to definitely cover, please email them to me at

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