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Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum
Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum
Nicole McGhee

You have probably seen the Back-to-School ads popping up, a barrage of deals offered to save you money on your school supplies. As a homeschooling family, though, pencils and crayons aren’t the only items on your shopping list. You are also in the market for homeschool curriculum.

In this day and age, your curriculum options are plentiful. Regardless of the method you choose to educate your children, there’s a good chance that you will find a curriculum to match. A great way to find which curriculum will work for your child is to take into consideration their learning style. Does your child learn best through reading, computer games, hands-on activities, or worksheets? Once you can determine the best method of approach, you can start to narrow down your choices.

You can find a box curriculum that offers everything you will need for the year. You can utilize a literature-based curriculum with living books. You can go in a different direction by making use of a computer and/or online curriculum. Really, your options are incredibly numerous, so much so that it can be easy to quickly become overwhelmed. Choose a route, stay focused, and make some choices. Keep in mind that just because it’s something you choose at the beginning of the year, doesn’t mean it’s something you need to keep using if it’s not working. If you haven’t heard it before, allow me to tell you now: don’t work for your curriculum, make your curriculum work for you.