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Homes going up south of Montgomery Field airport

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Non-stop recovery period work on home building will add new homes to Kearny Mesa's Aero Drive. A block of 4 story residential building fronts stand west of Sandrock Road, across the drive from the southside of Montgomery Field.

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Thursday, the 24th, workers doing the construction jobs stood at work in building locations along the full length, and, all the way to the rooftop.

Built home counts still stay low in San Diego. Home builders are handling a large load of work on new construction. But, construction boom productivity stays far off. A 4 story building front that fills a large opening in south Kearny Mesa's Aero Drive community attracts drivers attention to one of the largest buildings to use up lots south of the busy Montgomery Field airport.

New construction in Kearny Mesa seems endless. The south, south of Balboa Avenue, far from the well off Spectrum Center Boulevard area near Clairemont Mesa Boulevard townhomes took over full blocks with big business, stays uncrowded. The view out into the open air space planes fly through still has few roofs that can block the sunlight. A rooftop atop the 4th floor blocks clear sight lines more than a block away.

The developer invested in putting up tall home fronts the community has never seen.

Stacks of wood piled on the excavated work site land Friday keep workers at the new construction site well supplied for the job. Bare wood fronts on the stories framed lines of window openings. Work converting the Aero Drive block to a residential block make a big development plan in Kearny Mesa plain.

The home market recovery has plenty of new sales near the airport in store.

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