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Homeowners Association orders breast cancer survivor – ‘take down pink ribbon’

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Nearly everyone has a family member or friend who has gone through the anguish and even tragedy that breast cancer brings. So imagine the feeling that a Florida breast cancer survivor had to endure when she was told by her homeowner association (HOA) that she had to take down her pink ribbon on display in her window.

According to Opposing Views, Linda Karp was ordered by the HOA to take her pink ribbon from the entryway of her home. After undergoing a successful battle with breast cancer 16 years ago, the prideful homeowner was understandably angered by the insensitivity shown by the HOA. She stressed, “Oh, I’m very angry and…these people are being outrageously unkind,reported Opposing Views.

It appears that Karp has a legal leg to stand on because the local Fox TV news station actually obtained a copy of her Regent Park homeowners’ association’s documents. Certainly not to her surprise, there was nothing contained within the documents which forbid her from putting up a sign that was visible in the entryway of her home.

Just consider how you would feel about a group telling you that your pride in surviving cancer should not be shown in a respectful non-disruptive way. The wonderful part of this has been how the neighbors have been supportive of her. She attested, “My neighbors are all supportive of breast cancer; I don’t know why they’re not,” according to Opposing Views.

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