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Homeopathy and religion: A connection?

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Homeopathy continues to be a commonly used form of medicine even with a great deal of information which is contrary to its validity. Why this is the case appears to have a connection to other forms of pseudoscience such as religion. In America, the statistics appear to be that most homeopaths are also religious. When these individuals have been questioned as to why they believe either of these two subjects, there answers tend to be the same and is typically, "I believe it works and is true."

The field of medicine has no room for belief over evidence. Those who wish to continue following these beliefs appear to enjoy spreading them without evidence of their effectiveness. Numerous books are based on disproving pseudosciences and all of the concepts they present can be applied to homeopathy. There sources go from standard textbooks to ebooks and articles that discuss such pseudoscience indicators and they are no more than a click away. It appears however, that these are sources will be unread by followers of homeopathy.