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Homemade Valentine's cards: Make DIY pop up cards (easy craft for kids)

Intro: Looking for a homemade Valentine's card craft for kids? Your kids can make DIY pop up cards for their friends and family using this simple pop up cards tutorial.

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Why Make Creative Pop Up Cards for Valentine's Day?

Remember the delight you had as a kid when you read your first pop up book? Part of the fun of those stories was literally seeing them pop to life.

I remember thinking it was such a mystery how those book makers created pop up books. After learning to make pop up cards, I realized it's not so complicated, although I must confess, it's still magic to me. And the artist in me LOVES making these beautiful paper crafts.

Teaching your kids how to make a pop up Valentine card allows you to bring that kind of magic to their V-Day crafts. And the great thing about this kid craft is that it's so pretty, it serves as a Valentine gift and card at the same time.

How to Make a Pop Up Valentine Card ~ Supplies:

  • Pictures - Can be from old magazines, family photo album (that you've photocopied, etc.)
  • Card stock papers (you'll want a variety of colors)
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Decorative scrapbooking stamps
  • Inks for the stamps
  • Large card envelopes or Valentine's Day stickers
  • Flatbed scanner (optional)
  • Printer

DIY Pop Up Cards for Valentine's Day ~ Tutorial:

  1. Choose the pictures that you'll use for the background of your card. An easy way to think about this is maybe you'll choose some buildings that provide a backdrop for the characters you'll place in the homemade Valentine's card. If your kids like superheroes, they may want to choose images from comic books, but they can be anything.
  2. Scan the images into your computer if they need to be copied. Or pull them from Creative Commons on the Internet. You can also take the pictures for your DIY pop up cards from family photos or magazines. (If you don't know how to scan, watch this video tutorial.)
  3. Print the images out.
  4. Cut the image out so that it fits on the card stock. A word about doing this when you're making homemade Valentine's cards: A regular 8 1/2 x 11-inch piece of card stock will fit into a large greeting card envelope. You won't need to trim the stock down.
  5. Glue the background image onto the card stock. Allow to dry.
  6. Fold the card in half.
  7. Cut two slits into the DIY pop up card. They should be parallel. Simple pop up cards only need two slits, but if you're making more elaborate scenes on your cards, then you'll want to do more. (See the card crafts tutorial video at the top of the screen.)
  8. Cut out images that you'll place against the simple pop up card background. For example, if your kids choose to make a Spider-Man pop up card, then they'd cut out Spidey to paste against the background of buildings.
  9. Push the slit forward so that it stands up.
  10. Put paste on the slit tabs and paste the cut out images on the Valentine's Day pop up card.
  11. Decorate the card further with rubber stamp images.
  12. Put the card in an envelope or use cute Valentine's Day stickers to seal the card shut.

You can find the supplies you need to make pop up Valentine cards on Amazon or at your local scrapbooking and office supply stores.

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This article is part of an ongoing series about homemade Valentine's cards that I'll do leading up to V-Day. Come back often is you need some homemade Valentine ideas.

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