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Homemade Valentine’s Day craft ideas

Valentine’s Day is a great time to make keep sakes. There is nothing like looking back at old cards and seeing how small your sweet babies hand use to be. Here are 10 easy to do ideas of hand print and footprint valentine gifts.

Store cards are nice but homemade cards can be better.
Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/Getty Images

Handprint Heart- This is an oldy but goody. Turn your paper upside down so that when you make the hand print the finger tips are toward the bottom of the page. Put paint on one hand make a print at a slight angle for one side of the heart. Then put paint on the other and place it so that the fingers touch the print of the first hand so that the hands make a heart shape. You can put a saying with it “My heart is in your hands.”

Footprint Heart- This is the same kind of idea as the handprint heart only with the feet. Saying with this could be something like “I love you from the bottom of my heart to the tip of my toes.”

Hand and Foot Cupid- Put paint of the bottom of the little foot and make a print of the foot long ways on the paper. This makes the body of the cupid. Then put paint on the hand and put a print on the outside edge of the footprint. This makes the wing of the cupid. You can add a small picture of the child’s face on the heel of the foot for the face of the cupid.

Love- You may need a bigger piece of paper for this one. Paint the L. Use a hand print for the O. Use both feet to make the V. Then paint the E.

Foot Bee’s- Place the paper sideways. Paint the bottom of the foot yellow. Make a print. Once it dries put black strips on it to make it a bee. You might put the saying as “Bee’s Mine.” This can also be done with thumb prints.

Hand Flowers- Place the paper long ways. Paint the hand red. Make a hand print at the top of the page so that the fingers are the top of the flower. Then draw a stem down from the palm of the hand print you can also add leaves. You can make it look like a rose. This can be done with the foot as well.

Box of Chocolates- Trace the hand and cut it out. Make sure you do not cut between the fingers. Then put paint the thumb and make brown thumb prints on the palm of the hand like little chocolates in a box. Fold the fingers over the palm as the lid to the box of chocolates.

I love you hand- Trace the hand and cut it out. Make sure you cut between the fingers. Glue the middle two fingers to the palm. The thumb, pointer, and pinky fingers should all still be up. This is the sign for I love you.

Clay Hand- Using clay, pushing the hand into the clay leaving a sweet baby hand print. This can be done with the foot as well.

Parent and baby foot print- Make a print of your foot long ways on the paper and then put the print of the child’s foot in the arch of your foot print.

Enjoy and have fun with making gifts and keeps sakes. It always helps to add the age and the name of the child who made it. Just because you know which child made what now does not mean you will remember in 10 years which little hand belongs to which little sweetheart.

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