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Homemade Valentine cards: How to make a valentine card for kids' classmates

Intro: Homemade Valentine cards for kids are fun projects you and your child can do together. They make easy handmade gifts that your child can pass out to his or her classmates during a V-Day card exchange. This tutorial teaches you and your child how to make a handmade card that's easy enough for your child to make, but pretty enough to give away. All you need are the supplies to make the handmade card and a little time.

Homemade Valentine cards: How to make a valentine card for kids' classmates
K Werner Design, YouTube

Need More Valentines Ideas?

What You'll Need to Make These Homemade Valentine Cards:

  • Scissors
  • Card stock paper in red or pink
  • Fancy decorative papers like scrapbook paper
  • Rubber cement
  • Ribbons
  • Rubber stamps
  • Rubber stamp ink
  • Heart hole punches
  • Valentine's Day stickers

How to Make a Valentine Card for Kids:

You can watch the video tutorial at the top of the page, but I'm writing down directions here as well. I find that having a list of instructions helps when you're implementing your homemade card ideas. And if you have a youngster, who's learning how to read, you can use this Valentine idea to help him or her practice that as well.

  1. Cut the card stock so that it measures approximately 3-inches by 6-inches.
  2. Cut out a smaller piece of the scrapbook paper paper so that it would fit just inside a 3-inch square.
  3. Fold the bigger piece of card stock in half.
  4. Glue the smaller piece of paper on the folded card stock using the rubber cement. The opening of the card stock should face the right. Once it's pasted onto the card, you should have a small border of about 1/4-inch all around the outer edges of the card.
  5. Measure and cut the ribbon so that it wraps around the card and can be tied in the front. You'll only wrap it around one side of the card. You won't tie it shut.
  6. Tie the ribbon around the homemade Valentine card. It's up to you if you want to make a bow or if you'd just like to make a small tie.
  7. Take a separate piece of the card stock or the scrapbook paper and make rubber stamp hearts of various sizes. You can make more than one. Cut them out when you're done stamping them.
  8. Glue the hearts on the front of the card. You can use the rubber cement or scrapbook adhesives.
  9. Write your well wishes or V-Day quotes inside the homemade Valentine cards. (You'll find links to quotes below.)
  10. Close the V-Day cards with Valentine's Day stickers. You can use these for decorating as well.

Final Thoughts on Implementing Your Valentine Ideas

Homemade gifts from kids are always a thoughtful gift. Working with your child on making Valentines helps you create memories with your kids.

Projects where they learn how to make a Valentine card also teaches them not only to plan their gifts, but to put some thought into them. Although Valentine's Day eCards are lovely, there's still something awfully nice about opening up a card.

You can find scrapbooking supplies on Amazon or at your local crafters' store.

Video by K Werner Design, YouTube

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