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Homemade New Year's Eve gift bags for your guests

Make the guests at your New Year's Eve party feel special by giving them a homemade gift bag. Fill these bags with homemade cookies and other decadent treats they will truly enjoy. Here are tips for making the perfect New Year's Eve gift bag for each of your party guests.

Gift Bag

Bag Supplies

  • Organza bag
  • Glitter shredded paper
  • Gold curling ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Paper puncher
  • White poster board
  • Glitter pen
  • Star cookie cutter

Bag Contents

Fill your bags with homemade cookies, decadent chocolates, cheese and crackers and other scrumptious treats. For fun, include a mini calender in each gift bag.


Make a personalized tag for each gift bag. Put your star cookie cutter on your poster board, then trace around it. Cut it out. Put a hole at the top of your star tag. Put a long piece of curling ribbon through the hole. Write your guest's name on the tag with your glitter pen.

Assembling Your Gift Bags

  • Fill the gift bags halfway with your shredded paper.
  • Put your goodies in the bag.
  • Put some more shredded paper around the contents in your bag.
  • Tie your tag around bag to close it. Curl the ribbon ends. Decorate and enhance your bags by tying additional curling ribbon around the top of them.

Beautifully display your New Year's Eve gift bags in a decorative tray on a table in your entryway. Hand them out as each guest leaves.

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