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Homemade Mexican Salsa Chicken

If you like spice and in extra kick in your step you might enjoy this recipe entree. It is called 'Salsa Chicken'. It can be a spicy depending on the type of salsa you put into the dish. The salsa adds a bit of bite to your palette can serve this over a dish of rice or pasta. The calorie count for this dish is 207 per serving. Here is the recipe link for this dish and remember you can always alter the ingredients.

At 'Papagayo' a Mexican restaurant which is located on Sumner Street in Boston, Massachusetts. They offer a variety of Mexican type dishes in the menu. They have several locations near the Boston, Massachusetts area.

Here is a review of someone who made the dish.

'Quick and so delicious! I made it for the first time tonight and my husband just raved about it. We are both trying to lose weight, and it is challenging to find something so tasty and yet only 207 calories per serving. I made the dish as stated, but also added fresh diced tomato and cilantro after baking. Two thumbs up!!!'

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