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Homeless spikes pop-up in London: Demeaning message sent with sharp metal spikes

Homeless spikes are going up around London in doorways and other areas where the homeless population are known to sleep or congregate. When a picture of a doorway equipped with spikes from the front of a luxury apartment house was published online this week, it caused outrage, according to NewsMax on June 10.

Homeless spikes, London is become saturated with spikes to ward off the homeless, shame on you.

The homeless have a tough time as it is and now they are being herded away with these inhumane spikes. This is worse than adding insult to injury to people that don't have a place in this world to call their own. A nurse who works in the mental health field started an online petition against these spikes going up around London and it is addressed to the business owners as well as the city officials.

Harriet Wells started the petition on She writes that as a mental health nurse she has seen the results of isolating and mistreating the city's homeless. What is needed is "practical and emotional support," she writes. She believes there is a way to help the "most vulnerable" get back on their feet. Erecting spikes to ward off the homeless all over the city is not it. "We should not be sending them the message that they are pests" and not wanted, she conveyed. writes, "Using homeless spikes is inhumane" and they point out that the money spent on this would be much wiser spent on case management, transitional housing or other remedies to reduce the population of homeless people. They point out that there is a park bench that retracts its spikes when a user pays a quarter to sit on the bench. What is this saying about society today? It is embarrassing to see these ludicrous spiked remedies coming from the people in charge of the city.

These mechanisms, pictured above are something similar used to keep pigeons or wild animals away. Installing them to deter the homeless community seems to equate these victims of society with the pests that are troublesome from the wild. Already these spikes have a hash-tag "#anti-homeless spikes."

The majority of the social network postings are up in arms over these spikes, but @CoastalJames writes that you shouldn't get made at the anti-homeless spikes, they are only a smoke screen. He writes to get angry over the homelessness, which is the real problem.

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