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Homeless spikes: Sharp barbs for homeless 'inhumane,' UK petition to ban them

A startling series of homeless spikes have caused fierce public backlash from many in the UK and abroad this week, with a petition bearing over 40,000 signatures requesting a ban of these pavement barbs. While they may not be as dangerous as they sound, these anti-homeless spikes nevertheless send a harsh and violent message — an anti-homeless sentiment that tells these people not to rest there. Yahoo! News reports this Tuesday, June 10, 2014, that the sharp points were erected outside a well-known building in London just recently, but they have already been called both “inhumane” and “self-defeating” in purpose and nature.

Homeless spikes cause controversy, inhumane act petition
Twitter Screen Shot, (Beast News) Photo File

In a sharp effort to deter homeless from resting or sleeping around their building, a London, UK, edifice has recently built a tiered set of anti-homeless spikes. Yet these barbs have pierced the hearts of the public instead, sparking anger and over 40,000 people (and still counting) to sign an online petition urging that the new metal structures be removed. Even Mayor Boris Johnson has called the pavement installation “stupid,” while several human rights groups and the petition site itself are saying these spikes against the homeless are truly nothing less than “inhumane” to our fellow man and woman.

The already viral plea and public petition was first established earlier this June on the popular website, (made more prominent via Twitter). Users took advantage of the social media site to share news of this offensive mechanism, and request support from others in an attempt to quite literally bring it down. The petition itself cites the anti homeless spikes as cruel and unnecessary, reaching out to the world to take greater efforts into supporting the homeless, who remain some of the most in-need and vulnerable people in current US and UK society.

It was AL News that noted yesterday quite a few political figures have also condemned the barbs from being put into place, and hope that they are taken away as soon as they can from public pavement areas.

"Spikes outside Southwark housing development to deter rough sleeping are ugly, self defeating & stupid. Developer should remove them ASAP," the mayor of London posted via his public Twitter page this Monday morning. "Spikes are simply not the answer."

It seems that these metal spikes, though short and not particularly sharp, were put into the ground not far from the Shakespeare Globe Theater and adjacent Shard Tower in a residential community building. There has been no news or official statement given by the building in response to these critics, though the company that installed the barbs wanted to make it clear they were not behind the order to set them up. According to the latest statistics, over 2,000 homeless people in London took refuge to sleep in the city during the early months this year, which is an almost 10 percent increase from 2013.

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