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Homeless outreach shines the spotlight on The Forgotten

The Forgotten
The Forgotten
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  • Richard rg11 5 years ago

    It seems like a high percentage of homeless people are mentally ill and should be protected by state law and facilitated in a mental hospital. To ignore public safety and the inability for someone to care for their self and then turn around and complain about the homeless is criminal.

  • Profile picture of Karen McCracken
    Karen McCracken 5 years ago

    Since there aren't many homeless shelters or programs out there that can properly deal with the myriad of mental illnesses or post traumatic stress syndrome that is likely to occur in the homeless, it's nearly impossible to track and report accurate statistics on just what percentage of the homeless are truthfully mentally ill. What I witnessed for myself was people living amongst each other in small communities, caring for each other. The skills were there and the desire to be part of a community was as well. That wasn't the case with everyone though. The lack of proper care and help for the homeless is sad. Even moreso for families who end up homeless due to the current economy...I say this because there are few shelters and orgranizations equipped to deal with families. They divide the women and men, separating families. Boys under 10 can go with their Moms but if you have a single Mom who has a boy over age 10 then he is too young to go to the men's shelter...there are huge gaps in these types of programs. With Veterans making up 1/4 of the homeless as well...more needs to be done. Those who merely complain...I challenge to get involved and see for themselves the reality rather than the stereo-type. Hope you'll keep reading as I continue my series. Thanks for the comments!
    Karen - Louisville Christian Examiner

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