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Homeless man jury finds cops not guilty in beating death: Be 'afraid' warns dad

When the homeless man jury acquitted two former California cops of the beating death of a homeless man, the family spoke out to warn the public to be afraid. The beating death of Kelly Thomas was captured on video, which showed what looked like blatant obsessive force when arresting the mentally ill and homeless Thomas, according to CNN News on Jan. 14.

Homeless man jury finds two former cops not guilty in the beating death of homeless man.
YouTube screen shot/ NBC News

The jury found the two former Fullerton, California police officers not guilty of the beating death of this man. On July 5, 2011, these two police officers are shown on video beating, clubbing and using a stun gun on Thomas in a transit parking lot.

The video caused outrage and the two police officers were charged with the homeless man's death. The not-guilty verdict has caused the dead man's family members to speak out and accuse the two former cops of “getting away with murder.”

Ron Thomas, the father of the dead homeless man tells the public that the “carte blanche” for police officers to do whatever they want” means that “everyone now needs to be afraid.”

The verdict acquitting these men of all charges was read Monday morning in a Santa Ana courtroom. Charges brought against former officer Manuel Ramos were second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. The second former Fullerton officer, Jay Cicinelli, faced charges of involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force.

The men walked away without any punishment for these crimes was the outcry of the family and supporters. Cathy Thomas said, “I’m just horrified, they got away with killing my son.” The distraught mother said this to the media right after the verdict was read.

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