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Homeless in Hartford: The numbers

When thinking about an issue as large and far reaching as homelessness it is easy to get lost in all of the numbers. On January 28, 2009 a point in time count of Hartford’s homeless population was undertaken, providing local, state, and not for profit agencies a clearer picture of the needs of those experiencing homelessness. These numbers are nearly a year old , staggering as they are, time has passed, and these numbers are assuredly higher.

There are approximately 917 people experiencing homelessness in Hartford
743 Households
663 Single Adults
83 Families
171 Children in Families

83 or 1in 6 adults served in the military(including Iraq, and Afghanistan).

367 single adults and 233 adults in families are currently working

440 single adults and 513 adults in families have a 12th grade education or higher

257 Single adults report suffering from a health condition that limits their ability to work, get around, and care for themselves.

348 of sheltered single adults and sheltered adults in families on the night of the count were chronically homeless.

For more recent statistics go to or check back here at the Examiner