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Homeless family in California won't give up their pit bull

Carol Devia and Rocco. Doesn't he look like the dog from Our Gang?
Carol Devia and Rocco. Doesn't he look like the dog from Our Gang?
Bad Rap Org.

Peter and Carol Devia, their two sons, and two dogs still live out of their car with a crock pot plugged into the cigarette lighter and adapt to a simple life while they get their lives back on target reported

They manage to take the dogs to the park, and the family remains together despite the inconvenience and obviously crowded conditions.

The Walnut Creek family now have new jobs, and have been shopping for an apartment, however the moment a landlord takes notice of their pitbull Rocco, the doors close and no lease to rent is even offered.

The family's other dog, Camilla, a Labrador retriever mix has no problem winning the smiles of possible landlords, but the notion of having a pit bull in an apartment is scary for a lot of communities and landlords alike.

Last year when both Peter and Carol lost their jobs, their savings and credit card power dwindled quickly, no matter where they went to rent, no one would take the chance with Rocco.

“I can’t find a place unless I give up my dog, and everyone tells me to, but I can’t do that. We’ve had Camilla her whole life and Rocco her whole life," stated Devia.

In the past Rocco had a fight with a dachshund which gave him a "canine criminal" record. The family paid a fine for the dog's misbehavior, had to procure a special license, and were required to pay $200 a year for an insurance policy.

The family, however didn't just allow Rocco to continue with his poor citizen behavior, and sent him to Bad Rap, a top, high impact non profit dedicated to helping families cope with the difficult issues associated with the American Pit bull terrier breed.

Now Devia says her dog is much more social.

“We’ve noticed a huge difference in his behavior. He’s like a totally different dog. He wants to meet everybody and lick everybody.”

The family hopes they soon will find a place to live.

For bully breed owners having problems finding a home where these dogs are welcome, Bad Rap offers some great ideas including posting "home wanted" ads, making sure your dog is well-trained, having your pet spayed or neutered, offering to pay a premium for rent, and even having a letter of recommendation from your former landlord.

Be honest; don't try to sneak a dog in that is not on your lease. For more information how you can work with landlords and help the world to become dog friendly to the most misunderstood breed in the United States, please click here.

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