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Homeless Families in Florida

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If you have a warm house and cozy bed to relax in today, you should be grateful. Many families in Florida are living in motels because they cannot afford an apartment. Plus, there are counties in this state that do not have shelters. Osceola is one of those counties that is lacking emergency shelters.

Therefore, entire families are on the streets begging for money or living with relatives or friends. Mothers with their little children are often on the side of the road asking strangers for money. Sometimes there are people with their oxygen tanks, desperately begging for help.

Longtime residents of Osceola have explained that a lot of those individuals pretend to be homeless. This means people have to be cautious in rushing to give away their money.

Recently Channel 9 covered a story about Eric Sanders, his wife and three children. This family could no longer afford to pay for their weekly hotel room, so they were evicted. That was when one of their friends rescued the Sanders from the streets along with their newborn, but Eric Sander has been living on the street.

Not too long ago he was peddling his bicycle on U.S. 192 in the rain. He told Reporter Nancy Alvarez that he feels stuck.

“I'm peddling, peddling and I'm going nowhere," Sanders explained. "I can't hold my newborn son. I can't see my kids. I can't see my wife.”

This husband has been applying for jobs, but has not been able to secure one.

Mary Downey, executive director of the Community Hope Center, told Channel 9 that there are many other Sanders in that same predicament. Downey’s advice is for everyone to work together to help the homeless.

Downey stated that in the “eight months since the center opened, the organization has helped 300 homeless families with everything from food to job placement. A fund set up for the center goes straight to helping the homeless in the county. That includes more than 3,000 children many who live in hotel rooms.”

People should donate to these organizations so families can be rescued from the streets. Yes, some people have made detrimental decisions that have caused them to lose everything. However, there are others who became homeless because of unemployment or health issues.

When we are in a position to help, we need to find a reputable organization and offer aid to another human being.

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