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Homeless dog rescuer in Los Angeles now seeking the family he left behind

Homeless dog rescuer seeking family he left behind
Homeless dog rescuer seeking family he left behind
Facebook: Cloud Nyne

This is the story of a homeless man in Los Angeles, who is ready to turn his life around by finding his family. He's also an animal rescuer, with his most recent act of animal heroism was posted on Facebook February 4 after he saved a poodle from being hit by a car and kept the little dog safe.

Cloud Nyne, who was featured in this Examiner article, wrote me and asked that I tell the story of Luis Bella Hernandez. Her rescue, Cloud9, has been helping this homeless community, and Luis has expressed the desire to be reunited with his loved ones.

Luis is different than a lot of the homeless community around him. Although he's the first to admit he lost everything to alcohol several years ago, Luis has now been sober for six years. Many of his friends in the homeless community do drink, but Luis spends his time lending a hand to others who need help.

This includes animal rescue, where he hands over down-on-their-luck dogs over to Cloud Nyne, who then places the dog into a loving home or local rescue.

Unfortunately, Luis has several medical problems, and Cloud Nyne would like to see him off the streets. She hopes to raise enough money to pay for a motel room, and to find his family, whom he misses terribly. When describing Luis, she says

"He hugs me every single time i see him. This man needs help and I'm doing my best to get him off the streets."

The plan right now is to get him off the street and into a motel where he can sleep in a comfortable bed. Cloud Nyne would also like to have Luis seen by a doctor to determine how serious his medical condition is. When asked why is helping this one man above all others, Cloud Nyne replied

"He's one of the sober ones and something about him, touched my heart.. The love he has for animals its amazing."

Please share this article with friends in the California area, who may know Luis or his daughter. Also share it with the Mexican communities across the United States, as well as with any friends living in Mexico. Hopefully someone will recognize him and know where his family is.

Anyone with information on Luis or his kin or would like to help get Luis off the street and into the safety of a motel is asked to contact Cloud Nyne at (323)812-9836 or (310)408-2095 or by email at

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