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Homeless Angel: A Real Angel Encounter

Homeless Angel: A Real Angel Encounter
Homeless Angel: A Real Angel Encounter
Nicole McGill

Most will glance at this photo and see a NOBODY! They WILL devalue the existence of her soul by calling her degrading names such as, crack head, bum, crazy, homeless drug addict, mentally ill, mental case, low-life, a waste of space on this God-given earth! They'll feel justified by detaching themselves from the very existence of her being. They'll dehumanize her by simply disregarding individuality, aspects of her interesting personality, special God given gifts, and even her ability to display compassion towards others. In their minds, she’s not human! Inadvertently they'll disassociate her from the human race! Some will possess more compassion for their dogs! I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t do that!” Sure you don’t! Anyway, some do this by referencing her as if she’s an IT, or OBJECT possessing little or no meaning. Her mere presence alone will bring unjustified reproach upon the value of her soul by those who deem themselves superior. I ponder! “Why & How do some pick and choose who they will value? When they look at her what do, they actually see? An enlightened friend made a profound statement. “This is a picture of all of us, Ken stated!” Most will disagree! If you think about it for a moment don't we all have something in common with the Homeless Angel! You may want to ponder.

Dehumanization is an action that humans take to disassociate themselves from what they claim as, lesser beings. They utilize negative labels to classify individuals as inferior or superior, incomparable entities, and objects lacking identity. Dehumanization is an evil tactic! Prejudice perspectives, pre-conceived notions, and bias are at it’s core. I recognize the spirit as hateful! Most claim, “I wouldn’t say I hate homeless people! I care! I’m just tired of their games! Most are liars, on a mission to trick me out of my money. They’re too lazy to work! Some have more money than I do! They don’t have to be homeless. There are pads, shelters, and other community outreaches available! I’ll pray for them but I’m not going to give them any money. They might be dangerous! I’m not going to initiate a conversation, or go out my way to display love. No one helped me and I made it! This is a world where only the fittest survives. Everyone has to play a role, even if it’s the homeless role!” These are just a few of many justifications. They all sound good. They even make sense to the most intelligent minds. However, justifications are just that, justifications! I place no value on them at all. There is no justification that justifies this type of dubious behavior or frame of reference!

John F Hannah prophesied earlier this year that 2010 was the year of Divine Connection, the year of action! Well, at about seven o’clock pm March 7, 2010 in a mini mall parking lot in the influential suburb of Homewood, Illinois! I spotted the “Homeless Angel” sitting in a small section of grass with a plastic bag protecting her head from the cold. She sat silently alone! Next to her were all of her belongings organized very neatly. As I waited, on a friend, I watched her for a while! “How does she feel out here in the cold all alone? Does she feel loved? Is she devastated, broken, bruised, and depressed? Is she hungry? Does she feel burdened? Does she feel as if God has forsaken her? Does she still believe in God? Is she angry? Does she hate everyone? What has life dealt her, and how did she get here on this day? Does anyone love her, I pondered!” As I continued to watch, my focus shifted to the passengers! I watched for nonverbal and verbal clues of compassion and concern. No one stopped! They glanced! Two out of about forty vehicles slowed down. She was sitting in eyesight view for all to observe.

After about fifty minutes, my spirit led me to approach the Homeless Angel. My presence startled her I could tell by the look on her face. I said, “Hello, how are you tonight? I don’t mean to frighten you. My name is Nicole McGill. I’ve been watching you from over there in my vehicle. I came over because I’m concerned! Are you okay?” The Beautiful Homeless Angel responded articulated and gracefully, “Baby Jesus protects and loves me! We’re so close! He’s right here! He’s with me everywhere! He gives me everything! I love him so much!” I won’t lie! Her response took me for a loop! Suddenly, I looked around in search for all of the material things she claimed Baby Jesus provided. You should’ve seen my face! At that moment, I appeared foolish! With my eyebrow raised, I asked, “Why do you still love God?” The Homeless Angel looked at me as if she was in the presence of the Devil himself. So, I elaborated! “I’m just asking because you’re sleeping out here in the cold! You’re alone and you don’t have many things, I asked!” The Angel responded, “I’m not alone! I told you Baby Jesus is here! He’s with me all of the time! He never leaves! I have everything!” I asked, “You do?” As she extended her hands to the heavens with a great big smile on her face she declared, “He loves me so much and I love Baby Jesus!” With a startled look, I proceeded to say, “This is amazing, I know people who were blessed endlessly with material things and they lack the faith that you have for our Heavenly Father! This is crazy! You seem to have more faith than I!” At that point, my friend rode up and the conversation ended. I promised to return later that night.

At around 3 am I was in the bed but my spirit refused to rest. I had given the Homeless Angel my word to return. So, I got up went into my closet searching for something warm. All I could think about was when she admitted sleeping in the Home Depot shed! My heart hurt for the Angel! I grabbed the items, purse, car keys, and I search for her in the same parking lot. She was there but in a different location. When she noticed it was I, she smiled. “I knew you would return. Baby Jesus told me you would come back to get the message! He sends me around. I travel all over just to give his people messages! You know I heard about the Indians claiming that Baby Jesus will return in the year 2012! I’m waiting on him to return!” I asked, “You are? She nodded! I went into my car, retrieved my 2,500 fur coat, and a pair of pants to give to my Homeless Angel. I handed her the coat! With excitement in her eyes she asked, “Is it real?” I responded, “Yes it is! I wanted you to have it to keep warm. Also, I wanted you to know that I love you so much!” She looked at the coat and at me and responded, “I don’t need it where I’m going!” So, I insisted that she take it to either sleep on top of it as a blanket or use it as a pillow! “No, Baby Jesus told me that you would return with a hotel key so that I can sleep warm tonight, she declared!” I asked, “Did he? She nodded! So, I went into my pocket and handed her the hotel key! She screamed with joy, “I told you, Baby Jesus takes care of me Nicole! Baby Jesus and I are close! He gives me everything!”

I don’t expect for those who aren’t spirit lead to understand this spiritual encounter in its depth! My prayer is that one day soon you will reach this beautiful state of enlightenment, a place where you will search to discover the God in all things. When I look at the photo of the Homeless Angel, I see a Mighty Woman of God! I see beauty at its rawest form! I see the eyes and feel the soul of an Angel! I see beyond her dirty raggedy attire, wrinkles, pimples, stained teeth, and disgusting odor. Her physical appearance and underprivileged state did not hinder me from embracing, loving, and receiving the message God intended. Humans self-professed Professionals would clearly diagnose her with a mental illness. I ask, “By whose standards?” Christel, my sister claimed, “Those deemed mentally ill are usually the enlightened ones! They’re more aware than the majority! They can’t reside in the midst of a civilization of hatred and evil. Most are too sensitive to live amongst such darkness!” I concur! The Homeless Angel was more enlightened than anyone I’ve ever met in my life! Her faith in God was so strong! I could’ve sworn that she could actually see God! She was more sane then the insane! I won’t share all of the messages God utilized the Homeless Angel to deliver. They’re too personal! You can assume, or receive your own messages from my spiritual encounter its up to you! Maybe, God’ utilizing me to provide you with a message as well, I don’t know! I have realized on this spiritual journey that God will use enlightened ones from all walks of life to provide us with messages and blessings! If I would’ve disregard, demeaned, judged, dehumanized the Homeless Angel, I would’ve missed an extremely major blessings. Friends, I pray that you value all of God’s people! God is Love! When the Homeless Angel spoke, the Lord spoke! To God Be the Glory!