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‘Homefront: The Revolution’ will focus on ‘scavenging’ more than crafting

Homefront: The Revolution
Homefront: The Revolution
Photo courtesy of Crytek, used with permission

Unlike many recent releases, players won’t simply craft or purchase new equipment within Homefront: The Revolution. Instead, the upcoming open-world shooter will feature a heavy focus on the idea of scavenging since gamers will take on the role of a resistance fighter who must make do with whatever gear they can find lying around. Homefront: The Revolution lead designer Adam Duckett discussed how players will discover equipment inside the game in this Examiner exclusive.

As part of a ragtag guerilla force that is fighting to take back Philadelphia from an oppressive military occupation, players won’t have access to weapon suppliers. This was the reason that Crytek decided that scavenging should be an integral aspect of Homefront: The Revolution. Searching the environment for items will be the primary way in which player’s recieve new gear since they won’t have access to the same advanced reacquisition infrastructure that their enemy enjoys. To help create the sense of being technologically outmatched, the developer is creating a system that will have fans constantly searching for better equipment.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that gamers will be completely on their own. Fans will have access to a special character within Homefront: The Revolution that will be able to help players improve their scavenged goods by combining different pieces together in order to build a better item with increased functionality. Furthermore, this character’s knowledge will improve throughout the course of the game, giving players access to better recipes and more improvements as their unlock requirements are met.

Homefront: The Revolution is currently scheduled to release in 2015 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. The game will include a fully open-world map set in Philadelphia that players are encouraged to explore even outside of mission objectives. Crytek is also adding co-op features that will allow gamers to create their own resistance cell with their friends. The developer promises that the multiplayer will be more in-depth then simply allowing players to free-roam the game’s map with others.