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Homefront: The Revolution exclusive: Discussing open-world, co-op, and more

Homefront: The Revolution
Homefront: The Revolution
Photo courtesy of Crytek, used with permission

With Homefront: The Revolution, Crytek wants to create the free-roam experience that they envisioned. The first step to accomplish this was acquiring the rights to the IP which gave the developer complete control over the franchise. Next, the team decided to build the game only for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC so that they can focus entirely on the new hardware without being held back by last-gen limitations. Discussing how the title’s different systems will come together, Homefront: The Revolution Lead Designer Adam Duckett recently spoke in-depth about the game in an exclusive interview with Examiner.

Players will take on the role of a resistance member who is fighting to give freedom back to the oppressed citizens of Philadelphia that are suffering under a horrible military occupation. Before adding any new feature to Homefront: The Revolution, Crytek is making sure that the content fights the idea that gamers are embroiled in guerilla warfare against a superior force.

The developer came to realize that the game needed an open world to accomplish this. This wasn’t always the case as, at one point, Duckett revealed that Crytek kicked around the possibility of making Homefront: The Revolution a liner map-based game. However, they decided early in development that the game would be better suited to “hit and run” tactics of a guerilla resistance if layers could literally move about an open map to freely tackle objectives and interfere with the military occupation of the KPA.

Also in the interest of giving players the sense of being outgunned, fans will always seem to be technologically outmatched by their enemy. After all, gamers only have access to what any civilian would while their opposition is a well-equipped military organization. With that in mind, gamers will actually only begin the game with a limited set of basic equipment. Furthermore, this staring gear won’t include firearms as Duckett confirmed that one of the pieces of the starting arsenal will be a simple brick.

One of the things we really wanted to do is not focus on giving the player these very traditional weapons. We want to start the player off with a real basic set of equipment. It’s not just about weaponry; it’s also about picking up a brick and sabotaging something.

Thankfully, players won’t have to worry too much about having to take on a full squad of KPA forces because Homefront: The Revolution’s open map will slowly unlock throughout the course of the game. This will help keep gamers in the easier, less dangerous areas of Philadelphia in the earlier part of the game when fans likely won’t have access to a large arsenal of their own. While the open world will eventually completely become available, the game is still separated into different sections such as a detainment area, slums, and downtown Philadelphia as Duckett explained.

We have the yellow zones, which are these giant prisons. Basically, the population has been rounded up and thrown into these kinds of [prison] areas. We currently have the slum style areas, where we have the roadhouse stuff, the classic Philadelphia that you would expect, and then later on in the game, you gain access to ones where you have more high-rise buildings.

The world map itself borrows inspiration from other recent open-world shooters after Duckett admitted that, “There’s a massive Crysis and Far Cry feel to it.” The developer didn’t want to take the time to build a large world without utilizing it in every aspect of the game. Throughout the map, gamers will be able to explore and scavenge for supplies. Additionally, Crytek is adding several side missions to the free-roam shooter. Perhaps the biggest use of the open world setting is the decision to add co-op to the title which Duckett said simply made sense considering the layout of Homefront: The Revolution.

We made the decision early on to go with co-op because we’ve invested so much time in these open-world systems, and because we’ve invested so much time in these 360 decisions for gameplay. It makes more sense to push that even further and utilize it with multiple players. Co-op is definitely more than just free-roam though.

Homefront: The Revolution is scheduled to release in 2015 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Everything in the game is designed to create the sensation that players are fighting in the second American Revolutionary War.

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