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Homefront: The Revolution Being Developed by Crytek

Back in 2011 a first person shooter came called Homefront came out. It didn't garner much fanfare but those that played the short campaign fell in love with the story. A United Korea invades the U.S. and are pretty much defeated. You play as a freedom fighter. It was pretty linear and the graphics weren't the best but overall it was a good game and I for one loved it.


Crytek, the creators of the great Crisis series have taken over the rights and content of Homefront world. They are not remaking a Homefront they are continuing the story where the enemies are still in the U.S. and you are an American fighting for the resistance. Crytek is aiming to have an open world where players can explore the area which is set in the city of Philadelphia and attack objectives in a multitude of ways. If they can pull this off it would definitely make Homefront: The Revolution stand out among the many shooters out there.

The trailer shows a high action scene between freedom fighters and the occupiers. It got my heart pumping and look forward to playing this game especially now on a next-gen system along with the development by Crytek and their talented staff.

It is rumored that gameplay will be revealed at E3 so definitely check that out when you get a chance.

Its time for a Revolution!

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