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Homecoming & Going

Take each moment as it comes & goes
Take each moment as it comes & goes

This past weekend was my alma mater’s Homecoming Celebration. It was nice to see old friends and familiar faces. Even if I wasn’t necessarily chummy-friends with someone, still nice to see an old classmate healthy and doing well for themselves. This same weekend my sister went to a HomeGOING Celebration (funeral), and she said it was a celebration indeed of the life of a much loved family member. It made her realize how important it is to love each other and cherish the bond we have as a family, no matter where we go in life or where we come from.

Always remember to take the time to nurture the relationships, friendships and even acquaintances you have before, during, and after the “homecomings or homegoings” that life brings. Keep in contact with your friends and family; love on each other; cherish the memories; make new ones. Never forget to love, live, and laugh.

Time flies so quickly (for instance, in 9 weeks or so it’ll be Christmas!), so enjoy everything as it comes.


Chondra K.