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Homebrew of blackberry and apple toddy

It's easy to make infused spirits or fruit liqueurs using wild berries fresh from the field or from your backyard garden. As a summers end celebration, Chef Kimberley of the Irish Country Cottage gathers blackberries from her backyard hedgerow. The brew is perfect for those cool evenings in Delaware. Every autumn it is a tradition to brew-up a batch of Blackberry and Apple hot toddies for the summer end family celebration.

Blackberry and apple hot toddy
Google image edited by Kimberley O'Dea

The key requirements to home brews are that you get creative, have fun and, of course, do plenty of tasting and share the joy!

Blackberry and apple hot toddy


  • Juice of two organic lemons
  • 3.4 oz of blackberry whisky (see below)
  • 6.7 oz of warmed, cloudy apple juice
  • Honey if needed (depends how sweet you like it)

Mix together, pour and enjoy. This is a great winter warmer using your own home-made blackberry whisky.

Blackberry Whisky


  • 2 lbs. of blackberries
  • 7 oz of white granulated sugar
  • One bottle of whisky

Simply place all ingredients in a large jar and give a vigorous shake; repeat every couple of days for two weeks. Then leave in a dark place for three months before straining and bottling. The brew improves with age.

If your taste buds prefers the pepper taste of tequila than whisky, try a Blackberry Mint Margarita. The instructions are included in the video.

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