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Home to condo move

Moving from a single family home to a condo is a fairly big change, but one that comes with a lot of advantages. In exchange for pairing down the clutter in your life, you’ll be gaining a well-maintained pool, no yard work, and beautiful views of your city. In preparation for the move, however, there are a few steps you should take.
1. Start by selling or giving away possessions that won’t need in your new home. There’s no reason to hold onto lawnmowers, garden tools, or anything you currently use to take care of a pool. If you have a maintenance agreement that covers the inside of your condo, you might also want to get rid of any large tools.
2. Furnish spaces you don’t have in your old home. The most common example of this is a balcony. Take some time to look into outdoor furniture for this area. While these areas are more protected than a home patio or deck, they can still be exposed to sunlight and rain. Because of this, it makes sense to choose furniture that is designed for outdoor spaces.
3. Get rid of stuff in your attic. Condos rarely come with a lot of extra storage space. Fortunately, most people don’t miss the stuff they store in an attic or garage for most of the year. If there are items you just have to hold on to, ask about renting or buying a garage or storage space in your condo building.
4. Take time to think about décor. A condo that has too much clutter or uses a lot of dark colors can seem cramped and small. Keep large furniture and heavy decorations away from your windows and glass doors in order to let the sunlight and beautiful views in.
5. Buy a few things to prepare for your new lifestyle. It is possible that you will find yourself spending a lot more time at the pool, resident lounges, and participating in resident activities. As you pack, keep the items you’ll need for these activities in one, clearly-labeled box. This will let you start enjoying condo life before you are done unpacking.
6. If you’re moving with kids, have a conversation with them about the advantages of their new home. If your kids will have less space in the new place, keep reminding them of all the benefits, such as a playground, pool, new friends, and/or activities that they’ll gain when they move. If you find yourself needing to pair-down their possessions, let them pick a few things to get rid of and a few things they absolutely have to keep. Giving them some control over the process will make the move go a lot easier.

Moving to a new condo can be a major lifestyle change, but many new condo owners are surprised at how much their daily lives stay the same. Make sure to hold on to the things you love, but use the move as an opportunity to get rid of things you don’t want or need.

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