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Home theater lovers and those 'connected' will love the Smart Strip

The Smart Strip available at will save you money

If you are like me, there are never enough outlets available either to hook up a high tech home theater ensemble or to make sure my laptop, tablets and phone chargers can all be operating at once. With many families purchasing a new TV or home theater in anticipation of this week's big football game, everyone needs a quality surge protecting power strip.

Thankfully, the Smart Strip Power Saving Surge Protector helps solve all of my powering issues. is a leading retailer of home theater-related products that are affordable and help individuals and families achieve their ultimate home entertainment experience.

That would be my experience with the Smart Strip Power Saving Surge Protector. This seven outlet strip will serve not only as a great surge protector, but will also save you money. The secret here is an embedded sensor will monitor the flow of current to the Control Outlet and when there is a drop, it will switch off the power. So when a device or appliance goes into sleep mode, the Smart Strip will save you money.

How much money?

The Smart Strip has been known to take out an average of 113 Kilowatts monthly from your utility bills. When the sensor switches off, it can save you over 260 watts or more per hour.

Add all this up, and it's significant savings and who doesn't want to save money?

All that savings aside, the Smart Strip is a quality power strip that you could even take on the road.

Other notable features as stated by

Equipped with an on/off switch to shut off power for extended periods of time

Acts as a failsafe to turn off your additional electrical devices, even if you forget

Works well in:


Home Theaters

Household computer systems

Computers in sleepmode

Plasma televisions

Cell Phone Chargers

Charging Stations

The Smart Strip also makes a great Valentine's Day gift for the home theater fanatic in your life.

Did I mention the great price point of $28.59?

Get one today at or

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