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Home team zoos place beast mode wager over Super Bowl

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Call it "zoo"-per bowl Sunday. The Denver Zoo has a friendly wager going with the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle over the results when their home teams play the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 2, the Denver Zoo has announced.

Woodland Park called it a beast mode wager.

If the Denver Broncos win, the mammal curator from the Woodland Park Zoo will personally deliver a case of Washington apples to the Mile High city’s Przewalski’s horses and work with the horses and elephants that day in a Broncos’ jersey. The horses are commonly called “P-horses” by zoo staff.

Should Seattle win, the Denver Zoo’s Curator of Birds John Azua will escort a case of trout to the Seattle zoo for its sea eagles. He will work the day at Woodland Park wearing a Seahawk jersey.

“Game on!” Azua said. “Really, this bet is a win either way for us.” Azua called it a way to talk shop and compare best practices. “Still, I expect the Broncos to win and for us to host our fallen comrade here in Denver,” he said.

“We have a great relationship with our colleagues at the Denver Zoo, so we thought it would be fun to make a bet where the animals come out as the winners with their favorite treats,” said Woodland Park Zoo Chairman and CEO Dr. Deborah Jensen. “We look forward to meeting the Denver Zoo’s bird curator."



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