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Home Style - Create A Fashionable Kitchen With Black and Decker Appliances

Black & Decker FusionBlade™ Blender
Black & Decker FusionBlade™ Blender
Black & Decker FusionBlade™ Blender

I just bought a home - and I am beyond excited about the task of decorating. As with fashion, ones choices within their own home are very personal and hence an extension of themselves. I obviously take this very seriously!

A toaster is no longer just a toaster! A dish towel should be as chic as it's owner! Function and fashion is essential... thankfully Black & Decker exists.

Even in the most mundane objects (er, a blender) they make look stylish and modern. Recently I was able to test out the FusionBlade 12-speed Blender from Black & Decker and I was thoroughly impressed! Unlike my old blender which begrudginly made smoothies on the chunky side, this model grinds my fruit to a pulp! Literally! It even has inspired me to get a little more bold in the kitchen! Salsa, soup, pesto -- bam! I made that!

I even make a mean pina colada with this baby! Just mix Cruzan rum, pineapple, coconut milk, ice and a little water -- then blend! I can't go through summer without having one.

Style is superb -- I love the chrome look and the minimalistic design. It fits in with the modern kitchen I am in now, and the 1830's country kitchen I am moving into... Seamlessly!

Funtion is key -- a pulse button joins 12 speed options to give you full control over the 550 watts of peak power, easily crushing ice and blending fruits. Endless possibilities await with this dependable blender that can transform the way you cook and eat.

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