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Home studio profile: Sudara

Sudara's envy-inducing home studio.
Sudara's envy-inducing home studio.

Sudara, aside from being a thoughtful and talented musician, is also the founder/creater of, a place on the Web for independent musicians to share their work with the world.  All the way from Innsbruck, Austria, Sudara shares his thoughts on home recording with us:

Q: How long have you had a home-recording setup?

For about fourteen years. My first recording setup was a 4-track tape deck when I was fourteen years old.

Q: Could you describe the room you record in?

I record in the biggest room in my house. It should be the living room, but it's sprawling with instruments and computer stuff, so it's the work/music/living room.

Q: What sort of equipment do you use?

I'm not big on owning too much equipment, but I like to own decent, quality gear when possible. I've got KRK monitors, a Motu UltraLite, a MacPro, a rebuilt upright piano, my trusty Larivee guitar, and a bunch of smaller instruments.  I have two Shure mics, one KSM32 for vocals and one SM81 for instruments. The SM81 sounds incredible for the price ($349 or so, depending on the retailer.) I highly recommend it.

Q: What is the one piece of equipment or software you couldn't live without?

I couldn't live without my Larivee guitar. It's family to me, and the only possession of mine I would be heartbroken to lose. As far as recording equipment, it would be Logic Studio. It gives me the same toolset as some of the most advanced engineers and allows me to produce music the way I want.

Q: What is the one piece of equipment or software you could get rid of without consequence?

I don't have too much "extra" gear. I use everything I own. On the other hand, I could get rid of most things without much consequence. As long as I have a way to put sound down in layers, I'm happy.

Q: What one piece of advice would you give home-recording artists?

Always share your music. Find a small audience, be creative, get together, record as much as possible. Don't despair. If you sing, be bold: turn your vocals up, don't hide and mask them in the mix by default.

You can find lots of music from Sudara on his Alonetone profile!


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