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Home security: Measures to take before leaving on vacation

As the weather loses its winter chill people start planning vacations. Spring and summers seem to be the prime times of the year to take a week or two off to get away, relax and get pampered.

Vacation safety tips!

The vacation spot could be near or far, simple or exotic. With all the preparations that need to be made prior to leaving it is easy to forget some of the basis to do at home before you set out and enjoy the luxury time of a vacation.

Safety tips to ensure your home is safe before you leave on your vacation trip:

  • Ask a neighbor you trust to keep a look out for any suspicious activity so someone will notify the police immediately.
  • Keep a vehicle in the driveway while you’re gone so it looks like one member of the family is still home.
  • Allow you neighbor to park in the driveway while you’re gone so a would-be burglar will see activity and pass on your house.
  • Double check all windows and doors and make sure they are locked and also disconnect the electric garage door opener too.
  • If you have a pet door, secure that too so no one will try to get in thought the opening.
  • Leave a night light or two in certain rooms and set two other lights in the house with timers.
  • Remember to put a hold on your mail as well as the newspaper delivery. If you don’t want to go through a hold on your mail and paper as a trusted neighbor, friend or family member to pick up you incoming posts and hold it till you return.
  • Never post information on your upcoming vacation on the internet. You never want to announce to the world your home will be vacant.

Relax, have a great time and know you did everything possible for your home to be safe and secure when you return!

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