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Home Security is not Hard

Keep them out!
Keep them out!

Home security is a constant need that we often put off until it is too late. Aside from the normal precautions there are many low cost extras that can be added.

By now most people are familiar with dead bolt locks, but if you recently moved into an older home they might not have been installed. Upgrading to deadbolt locks is a first step in home security. Safety chains on the inside can also slow and even stop some attempts at illegal entry.

There are many extremes to which one can go to protect their home but good common sense still ranks among the best.

Outdoor motion detector spotlights are an inexpensive safety feature, and in many cases can be installed by the homeowner. Keep hedges and shrubbery trimmed in their vicinity so they cannot be used to hide illegal activity.

Indoor motion detectors send a loud signal when someone enters a room. They are inexpensive and just plug into the wall.

You may opt for a full indoor/outdoor security system installed by one of Columbia's many reliable services. This may seem like a bit much for some, but it is money well spent.

A simple home video camera system is now available in both wired and wireless versions.
When installed in plain view they sometimes discourage a burglar. Their recorded information is often used to aid in the capture of persons who did not realize they were being recorded.

Check in your local big home stores and you will find many products for home protection and security.

Your local police department is always glad to help citizens with information for protecting their home.